Website Maintenance Services

Our website maintenance plans cover everything from software & security updates to monitoring for downtime and malware. Plus you can send us any updates you’d like!
  • Super fast speed for all websites on maintenance plans!
  • Reporting on major updates or incidents
  • Automatic cloud backups
  • 24/7 monitoring for malware & downtime
  • Security & software updates
  • Traffic tracking with Google Analytics
  • Premium contact forms
  • 404 error monitoring & redirection
  • Routine quality assurance & user experience work
  • Website speed & performance updates
  • Consulting & support
  • Updates done at your request

We are your outsourced web team

A website maintenance plan with Aurora Technologies is like having your own developer (except it’s affordable). Choose your package level, and we’ll take over management of your website. You can focus on what you do best while we perform software & security updates, routine quality assurance, monitor for downtime & malware and much more.

Send us any updates at no extra charge! Your website maintenance plan comes with recurring hours you can use to request updates and keep your website current. In short, your package covers everything within the four corners of your website.

All Maintenance, Plus

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All Maintenance, Plus

All Maintenance, Plus

Why website maintenance?

Security & Performance

Just like your mobile device and computer, your website needs software & security updates regularly. These updates not only increase performance, but they (with the help of our vigilant monitoring) guard against the hackers and malicious programs that attempt to compromise it on a daily basis. A hacked or infected website results in a variety of consequences from mild to disastrous.

Super Fast Speed!

When your website is on a maintenance plan with Aurora Technologies, we will optimize it such that it can load virtually instantly. These speeds are what all developers strive for, and they are not too good to be true!

Monitoring & Optimization

The most important things we monitor for are downtime, malware, and proper resource usage. You need to know that your website team is going to respond immediately to a crash or malware incident. We also monitor for resource usage, making sure that everything is running as light as fast as possible.

What are the most common risks for unmaintained websites?

  • Outdated Tech – The software used to build your site will start to fall out of date within a month or two. This opens security holes, and can cause features to break.
  • Malware and hacking – Security holes opened by outdated software often result in malware injections or hacking.

    You may ask yourself, who would want to hack my website? Am I really a target?

    The answer is not “who”, but “what”. Up to 80% of your website traffic can be bots and crawlers, many of which are malicious. They scan for vulnerabilities, and it’s a matter of time before they find one on an unmaintained site. Their goal may be to inject links, spread a virus, steal data from you or your customers, or have control of your site in another way.

    Cleaning up after these events is not a quick process, and if Google notices they will block your site from their search, and from Chrome.

  • Broken Features – The outdated technology will also cause certain features on the site to stop working. At first, little things here and there will stop working, or display incorrectly, resulting in a sloppier feel.
  • Website Downtime – Another common issue is that an unmaintained website can go down for any number of reasons, without the owner knowing about it until a customer speaks up. This results in lost potential business.
  • Crashes and Corruption – Outdated websites can experience crashes and corruption that breaks them completely. If this happens, and your site is not properly backed up, it will be lost permanently.

Want more technical details?

Website Maintenance Summary

Interested in a more complete summary of what goes into monthly website maintenance?
Check out our website maintenance summary document:

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